Baby Room

Our bright and spacious Baby Room caters for 18 babies aged between 6 weeks and 12 months (approximate) and is tailored to meet each child’s individual needs.

The room is split into two sections which enables mobile and non-mobile babies to explore different activities for their age and stage of development and also has a separate nappy change facility.

Our Baby Room has a self contained milk kitchen where the staff can prepare feeds and meals and bottles are labelled and stored in our fridge until they are required.

Our babies are stimulated by our vast range of toys which are all age/stage appropriate and sensory activities are introduced to develop those eager little minds.

All our babies are bottle fed on our comfy settee, close interaction with a carer is vital for a babies sense of security. At mealtimes the babies are seated in high chairs or low captains chairs and we provide disposable bibs and face cloths for all mealtimes. Your baby’s daily routine will be discussed with you on our settling in programme and will be followed until your child reaches an age where our routine can be adapted.

Your child will be assigned to a certain member of staff within the room (key-worker) who is responsible for recording your baby’s development and who you can liaise with on a daily basis. A detailed report is given to you at the end of each day which records everything you need to know about your baby’s day such as foods they have eaten, sleep-times, play activities, nappy changes etc.

The staff plan suitable age stage appropriate activities for the children in accordance with the early years foundation stage. We use a large planning system which involves a next steps which helps us to plan for each child’s individual needs and interests. The children are given the opportunity to participate in all activities planned through out the day and will have staff assistants and support through out them.

We also have a large sensory area for the babies to get messy have fun and learn through their bodies, having several treasury baskets which we evaluate thoroughly to help enhance the children’s learning in this area. The staff will play an important role during the children’s learning play and development and provide the children with a fun trusting relationship whilst they interact with them, talking to them, cuddling them, laughing singing and simple facial features.

Babies are given a nutritious balanced diet which is all cooked daily on site by our nursery chef. Younger babies are catered for as they are given puréed fruit/veg before they are introduced to meats and other food substances. (Please refer to our menus for further details).